In October 2016 I decided to produce a video documenting Thurrock Scouts’ Beaver Activity Day at Condovers Campsite to show some of the fun activities the young people experienced that day.

The day was split up into two parts. The morning saw the Beavers learning about disabilities and experiencing the challenge some basic tasks can be for disabled people. The afternoon was a Sports Day for the Beavers, with various races including three-legged, sack, egg and spoon and more.

There was a definite challenge to ensure I had suitable footage of the day to produce a video while also photographing the event. It was a case of swapping between photography and videography to make sure everything has been covered by both. This was easier during the sports part of the day as there were multiple heats for each race that allowed me to photograph one, and video the next.

The footage was filmed in 1080p60 on a GoPro Hero4 Black.

  • Project Type: Video
  • Client: Thurrock Scout District
  • Software Used: Adobe Premiere CS6
  • Project Year: 2016